Teacher Introduction

Welcome, and thank you for using Standards Planner! 

To get you started we have created a teacher introduction video to briefly go through each feature of the teacher account and get you up to date. 

Or you can read the typed out walkthrough below.

1) Resources on the Left Navigation

Our navigation on the side is the toolkit you will use to add resources and standards to your lessons and calendar.

Click on one of the app icons to start. Depending on the type of account you have (individual or district) these will include:
  • My Docs 
  • District Docs
  • Friends List
  • Google Drive
  • CK12 Flexbooks
  • Khan Academy Videos
Select one and see the results below. From here you can click on individual items for more information or drag and drop them onto your lesson plans, resources or the calendar.

2) Standards on the Left navigation

Similar to resources, standards can be found on the left navigation as well. These will appear based on the standards you select in your standards account settings.

For your convenience, we have added all of the national and state standards including:
  • CCSS, Common Core State Standards
  • NGSS, Next Gen Science Standards
  • ISTE, (Formerly known as the NETS)
  • All of the individual state standards
  • and more...
You can also drag and drop these standards onto your lesson plans and resources to quickly align them. Or drop them directly onto your calendar to plan when you will teach them.

In addition you can click on an individual standard and select "Details" to see a full summary of the standard and any standards aligned resources. All aligned resources will appear below including documents, videos, and lesson plans from the apps you have turned on or peers connected to you.

3) Calendar

Make sure you setup your schedule by clicking the "+ New Period" button at the top right of the calendar. Here you can create your schedule based on the courses and times you teach.

You can also create new events that will block out times. (For example, if you have an upcoming assembly or would like to block out time as a reminder of an upcoming assessment date.) To do this click anywhere on the calendar and fill out the information.

Create lesson plans or resources by clicking anywhere on the calendar. Once you are done you can go back to the calendar and it will be inserted right where you clicked it.

Once a resource or event is on your calendar, you can click on it for more options. Easily view, edit, move, and clone your teaching material.

4) Top navigation

Navigate to any page by clicking on the different icons located at the top right of the app. 

To create new lesson plans or upload a resource click "+ Add New" and then select your desired page.

Once on the create lesson plan or upload resource page you can easily fill out the form and even drag and drop standards and resources from the left nav.

You can also change your account settings by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen, and clicking "My Settings."

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