Standards Treeview and Search

You can find the standards on the left navigation by clicking on one of the standards apps. By default you will see:
  • CCSS (Common Core State Standards)
  • NGSS (Next Gen State Standards)
  • and your state standards
Below is a full list of all the standards we have available in the software:

To change between different standards click on one of the three dropdowns at the top. You can change standard jurisdictions, subjects, and grade level. When selected the results will appear below.

Customizing the Standards that are displayed

To turn on or off different standards sets, click your name on the top navigation > Account Settings > Select the "Standards" tab in the page below.

Here you can turn on or off different national standards.

If it is not displaying your correct state standard, click on the "Account Info" tab and input the correct state into your address field. You may need to log out of the system to see the changes in your left navigation.


You can open up folders to find specific standards. To do this click on the arrow next to the parent folder until you see the individual standard documents. 

To see if any resources are aligned to this standard, click on the standards and select "details" which will open up a view of the full summary of the standard and any resources aligned.


Click on the search box above the standars list and start typing keywords to narrow your results. To search through different standards, change the dropdowns below the search and again type keywords into the search box.

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