My Documents

To view your documents, click on the "My Docs" app in the left navigation. This should be loaded if you log into the software.

If not click on the "All" link at the top left of your screen next to the star, and find it here. (You can always click the yellow stars to the right of each app icon to have them appear in your favorite app section that load first.)

Organize your documents

This section is your space. You are welcome to organize your material any way you would like. Simply click the new folder icon at the top of the page and create folders where you need them.

You can also drag and drop folders and resources into different paths to organize them.

Work from Left to Right

If you click on a resource you will have a few options:

  • Edit: Will open up that resource in the right side so you can update with new information
  • Delete: Allows you to remove that resource from the software
  • View: Opens up the resource in our viewer for you to use in the classroom 
  • Share: If your district allows you will be able to share this resource with your peers

Drag & Drop onto Calendar / Lessons

For lesson plans and units you can drop these onto the text editor portion of the screen on the right side. This will help enhance your teaching material.

You can also drag and drop onto your calendar to pace when you will be covering that material. Drop it onto your schedule into a course box. (You will need to make sure your schedule is setup properly)

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