Setup Teacher Schedule (Calendar)

This software is your software. We want you to customize it however you'd like according to your teaching day/week/semester/year.

The calendar is the most central piece of the software. You can easily get anywhere from this screen. It is crucial to make sure it is setup correctly.

To do this click the button at the top left of your calendar "+ New Period" and fill out the information.

Quick setup [Individual Account Only]

When you create a new period, simply select type of period you would like to display on the calendar. We support 3 types of schedules. Let's run through each type and how you can use them.

  1. Daily: Simple and straight forward. This calendar will display the subject you teach every day for the same time range
  2. Weekly: Select specific days you teach the subject: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday
  3. A/B Rotating: For block scheduling you can choose two rotating subjects that you teach, and even specify how many days the rotation involves

Time and Date Ranges

Either type in the time and date range, or click on the box and use our quick picker. When you click save you will notice the changes happening on the calendar.

Check your updated calendar

Now that you have created your schedule, click "close" and you should see the changes. To edit your period simply click on it and choose the option "Edit period".

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