Drag & Drop Resources to Calendar

To use resources that you have created or are apart of one of the listed apps, find them in the left navigation and drag and drop them into the calendar section.

Drag & Drop

Find a resource from the app center on the left and drop it onto your calendar. In the Month view, a modal will appear that will ask what time you'd like this resource to be saved on that day. You can add organizational periods to you calendar to help section out your teaching material.

In Week or Day view you can drop resources anywhere you'd like and it will instantly be saved. This allows you to organize your teaching material based on when you will cover it.

Using Content on Your Calendar

When a resource is dropped onto your calendar you can now move it anywhere on the calendar. Easily change when you are teaching that specific resource.

You also have a few options if you click on the resource. You can "Copy", "View", "Edit", or "Delete" the resource. These options may be limited if you are not the author. 

Create Events / Notes

To create a custom teaching event, click anywhere on the calendar and choose "New Event/Note". You can create full day or partial day events by filling out the information presented in the modal that appears.

You can see the full details in our step by step events guide.

View District Pacing and Google Calendars [District Accounts only]

If you have a district account you can view curriculum mapping that is paced by your district curriculum department. Simply click on the settings icon at the top right of your calendar, select a course you would like to see, and the pacing will appear on your calendar in week or day view.

Each course is color coordinated based on the district course catalog, you will notice it correlates in the top section of your calendar to the courses you have planned each day.

Click on the resources and standards paced to view more details from your district.

You also have options to view district or building calendars in the settings icon.

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