Create Lesson Plans

To create a new lesson plan click on the top navigation "Add New +"  > New Lesson Plan, or click anywhere on the calendar and choose the option "New Lesson Plan".

Step 1: Fill out the form. Fill in the title and description of your lesson.

Step 2: Drag and drop standards from the left navigation apps into the "Standards Statement Alignments" box.

(This box will only accept individual standards that are dragged into this section, if you are trying to drop a resource or folder it will not work.)

Step 3: Use the large text box below to create the contents of your lesson.

To enhance your lesson drag and drop resources such as videos, assessments, resources, and more from the left navigation into this text editor. Make your lessons look perfect before you use them in the classroom. 

Double click on any resource within the text editor to view it, or simply hover over it to see the title and description for that resource.

Step 4: You can find your newly created lesson plan in the left navigation under the "My Docs" app that should be in the top left of your screen. If you do not see it you will need to go back to the main page of the left nav by clicking "Back" on the upper top left.

Here you can sort through all of your lessons and resources and organize them by folder.

Best practice: If you clicked on the calendar to create the lesson plan you should now see it automatically inserted on the spot you clicked.

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