Friends List App

The friends app is designed to quickly connect you to your peers and build resources together. Here we will cover the main features of the app as well as setup.

Setting up you Friends List

When you first click on your friends app, you will see an "invite button" in the top right of the screen. Click this and you will have the option to either email your peers or copy and paste the link into your social accounts.

There is also a text box at the top that allows you to type the name of the user you'd like to connect to, and connect automatically. This is a great time saver.

You will automatically be connected to the users you invite once they signup with an account. 

Managing your Friends List

On the top navigation if you click on your name, and then "My Referrals" from the dropdown. You will be brought to a new page with our rewards program, columns of your friends, and a blue referrals tab.

When you spread the word about Standards Planner we will reward you! For the first five (5) users that signup from your referral, we will increase your storage of resources by 5gb. If you invite up to ten (10) we will reward you with a free one (1) year subscription to our premium account. Premium accounts begin June 2015

You will also notice the three columns at the bottom of the page. These organize the users you are following, who is following you, and who you have referred.

- Following: these are uses that you are following to receive updates on files and calendars
- Following You: a list of users that are currently following you that you may not be following
- Referred: the users you have invited to Standards Planner that have signed up for an account and contribute to your rewards program

Viewing friends resources and public calendar

After you have setup your friends list, you can now see how they are doing in the classroom.

SImply click on their name and if they are sharing resources or their calendar with the public you will be able to select these options.

Collaborating on resources with your friends

If you would like to share individual resources or collaborate on specific resources you can do that straight from the "My Docs" section. 

To do this navigate to the "My Docs" app, find the resources you would like to select, click on it, and choose the option "Collaboration." This will automatically insert your resources into a blank collaboration topic in which you can assign recipients to begin the conversation. These topics will be sent to every user you select.

For more information on collaboration please see the collaborations article.

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