Publish & Share Teaching Calendar

There could be many reasons where sharing your teaching calendar will become a benefit. A few of the most popular examples include:

Through your friends app or by URL you now can publish your teaching calendar for substitutes, parents, students, or peers.

  • A substitute covering your class for a period, day, or even longer
  • Students accessing teaching material they learned that day
  • Parents seeing what their students have learned
  • Administrators requesting a summary of what was taught
  • TOSA's organizing teaching material for teachers to follow
Whatever reason it may be, we have made sharing your calendar simple.

Setting up your shared calendar

To setup you public calendar click your name at the top right of the screen, an choose "My Settings".

On this page you will see a "Calendar" tab, when clicked you'll see the option to turn "Public" on/off. When this button is on it will generate a unique URL to your calendar next to it. Click on it to see your calendar, or copy and paste it to send it to your peers.

Q. What will be shown on my public calendar?

Any resource or lesson plan you have created will show up on your public calendar under the periods you have enabled. Events you create will also appear.

Q. Who can see my calendar?

Since this calendar is public anyone that is following you in the friends app, or anyone that has the link to your calendar will be able to view it. For security we only allow users outside of the Standards Planner app to view lesson plans. Any resource or standard on your calendar will require the viewer to register for an account and follow you to view them.

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