Connecting your Google Calendar

Configure your Google Calendar

1) Make sure your calendar is saved as "Make this calendar public" in your Google calendar settings. Also keep the "Share only my free/busy information" box unchecked.


If your company or school district does not allow you to change from "See only free/busy" please contact administration to allow "See all event details" to be enabled.

2) Click on the "Calendar Details" tab at the top, and scroll down the page to the "Calendar Address" section. You should see a "Calendar ID" which will either be your google calendar login email or it may look something like: ""


3) Copy the ID and paste it into your Standards Planner user account. 

To access this page click on the user icon at the top left of the screen, and click "My Settings". Next, click on the "Calendar" tab and paste the ID into the text box next to "Google".

4) To view the calendar, click on the calendar icon at the top of Standards Planner, and you should see the events on your calendar. If you still do not see them please refresh the page and it should load.

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